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Banco LQID

Banco LQID is a conglomerate aimed to safekeep and deliver valuables for its clients and being in operation in United States of America, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our portfolio covers jewelries, golds, clean energy and venture capital.


Trustworthy We instill confide

We instill confidence in our stakeholders. We offer creative management, corporate and commercial solutions.


We believe that our success and our vision in Banco LQID as Banco LQID relies on transparency and demonstrating respect for key moral and corporate principles, such as honesty, fairness, equality, and dignity in all of our business conduct. We believe in absolute trust and confidentiality.


We believe in dedicating our expertise to each stakeholder needs, to build long-term relationships that endure market trends and exceed service and growth expectations.

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Risk Warning:

Please note that all mode of transportation carry a degree of risk. Before you decide to pursue any of our services, you should carefully consider your level of knowledge and experience of the product to ensure that you understand the nature and its associated risks. You should also consider and know your delivery objectives, time horizon, attitude to risk and capacity to bear losses.

We are also advising all our Customers and/or Associates to be very careful with anyone claiming that is representing us and always to ask for relevant information and/or confirmation from them. Our target is to provide our customers with the best possible service and assist them to Banco LQID wealth and prosperity with the best and safer way.